Phil Ivey Net Worth

Phil Ivey Net Worth

With his total live earnings of more than $26 million and best live cash equal to $3,582,753,

Phil Ivey is one of the most successful poker players in the world. But the HighStakesDB estimates his net worth over $100 million and ranks him 1st on the list of the biggest poker winners ever, having tracked his wins at cash games as over $19 million with 319,285 hands played.

Indeed, Phil Ivey’s net worth is quite difficult to estimate. On the one hand, certain parts of his income have been publicly visible; on the other hand, professional poker players’ income still cannot be fully tracked; as they play many other hands, and not only by the felt!

How to Estimate Phil Ivey’s Net Worth

Over his career, his ins and outs have been huge. To have an idea about his bottom line, we should take into account the following:

  • Before “Black Friday,” Ivey received almost $1 million per month from Full Tilt Poker, as his 2009 divorce case revealed. Losing this income must have been quite a hit!
  • This divorce was pretty expensive for Phil, its aggregated cost being around several million dollars, although the final sum was never fully disclosed.
  • Playing on Full Tilt, Phil Ivey won about $10 million total in cash games. Other sources state that it was not $10 but $19 million. In just three very fortunate days in 2006, he won $21 million playing against Andy Bell.
  • His total live tournaments win amount to $26 million.
  • Phil Ivey lost two major court battles, both of them against casinos accusing him of cheating. One of the casinos, Borgata, is still chasing him to get their $10 million back. Both cases had been somewhat uncertain; Ivey had claimed it was an advantage gambling from his side, but he eventually lost both cases. These two cases must have been costly for Ivey as they lasted for years, and the lawyer’s fees involved must have cost him millions!
  • The business projects he launched after “Black Friday” are still not very successful, and both of them hardly have reached the point of breaking even by now.
  • Phil Ivey regularly visits and plays in Macau and other similar venues, and he is reportedly very successful. In 2015, he did not even show up to most WSOP events because he played in Macau.
  • He is also said to own a luxurious villa in Mexico. According to information circulating within the poker community and possibly leaking from the people who have some access to his regular life, Phil Ivey is still doing all right!
  • Based on what other prominent players in the poker community say, Phil Ivey is still doing very well for himself and is enjoying the high life!

Different sources estimate his net worth to be from $10 to $100 million. However, the best possible estimation seems to be around $20 million.

Phil Ivey’s Best Results to Contribute to His Wealth

Here is the list of his live winning as provided by the Hendon Mob Database summed up by years and geographic regions:

Year World EuropeAmericas Asia Australia

Of course, Phil Ivey’s career has never consisted purely of only wins, great prizes, and first places. On the other hand, he hasn’t seen any long-term downswings. He has been able to win big prizes practically every year, and often more than once!

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