Phil Ivey May Lose All of the WSOP Prize Money

The legendary poker player continues to evade the court’s decision to pay out $10,000,000 to the casino due to foul play.


One of the most successful poker players in the world, Phil Ivey, still has his career at stake. Recall – Phil lost a lawsuit for $10,000,000 at Borgata Casino a few years ago because he broke the rules while playing baccarat. The exact sum of money was won by Phil Ivey and his assistant Yoon Chung using edge sorting technique during the game.

The court’s decision came into force in December 2016, but for almost three years the casino has been unable to recover a cent from Ivy. The reason for this is that the lawyers of the star poker player insist that their client is currently insolvent.

At the same time, Phil is a regular participant of large poker series, and this fact is a source of concern who want their money back. The latest example – during the WSOP event in Las Vegas, Ivey has received a writ of execution in which Borgata demanded to credit all the prizes won by the poker player on the WSOP to its account as a debt.

This time Ivy, who already owns 10 WSOP bracelets, has achieved rather modest results at the World Series of Poker – about $125,000 in prize money. In one of the prestigious tournaments, the $50,000 Buy-In Championship, the American had started his final day leading in chips, but eventually finished eighth.

It’s still a bit of intrigue if the casino will be able to return at least a bit of its money or Ivey and his team will find an excuse not to pay the bills again.

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